1st prize in international competition for "Another Brick"

February 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Wonderful news: my image "Another Brick" has been awarded the 1st place in the "Anything Goes II" 2014 online-juried competition and exhibition hosted at Exhibition Without Walls. I must confess I am very proud about it, and so pleased to see that more and more contests do accept photo manipulation based art! It really gives me lots of motivation to continue creating new pictures. Stay tuned!

Another BrickAnother BrickAll the photos and editing by me (2013).

Difference is often perceived as an anomaly, as an error to be corrected, an illness to be cured. Of course, being a member of the majority is reassuring, it is natural to be attracted by the protection of the group. However, why attack those that have other aspirations? When I turn the TV on, when I read some magazine or newspaper, when I simply look around me, I keep witnessing intolerance against difference. Lifestyle, skin color, sexuality, politics, religion, haircut... literally anything not in line with the majority is systematically attacked.

Let's imagine for a second a whole society, a whole world, full of similar persons, looking the same, thinking the same, loving and hating the same things... it would be a guaranty for a total absence of evolution. Each kid would receive the same education, generation after generation. Art, experimentation, any kind of individual expression would be extensively controlled and adjusted, to fit the mandatory "good" taste. I hope such perspective looks as frightening to you, as it looks to me. If so, please, express yourself: create! Play music, sing, write poetry or books or blogs, paint, draw, photograph the world or your fantasy, record movies, dance, sculpt, code software or video games... anything. Do it now, and share it around: helps this world staying alive.


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