"Liberté d'Expression" in LA!

March 17, 2015  •  2 Comments

My creation "Liberté d'Expression" was included in the latest LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art) exhibit, which occurred March 12th!

You can see some photos of the exhibition here. Exciting stuff!

Liberté d'ExpressionLiberté d'ExpressionEverything photographed and edited by me.

As you probably know, on 7 January 2015 occurred the deadliest act of terrorism in France of the last 50 years. 12 persons died in the offices of "Charlie Hebdo", a satirical newspaper, because they believed in an absolute form of freedom of expression. I must confess this tragedy hurt me deeply. A few days later, a gigantic march occurred in Paris as an historical act of protestation against terror, against censorship. At least everything is not lost, millions of people still believe in those values: it was somewhat heart-warming.

The day after that march, I decided to pay an homage to this reaction, by recreating another version of the famous painting "La liberté guidant le peuple" by Eugène Delacroix. In this version, I replaced all the weapons by pens, pencils, cameras or books, as a metaphor for the defense of freedom of expression.

Of course, that painting involves various characters, and I don't have access to lots of models. As a consequence, I brought my camera at work, and quickly improvised a shooting session. I had no lighting gear at all, so it was a bit challenging, but lots of people spontaneously accepted to pose for the project. Thank you so much everyone! From left to right:
- Olivier, the photographer, always keen for a good laugh
- Simon, the dead clown, and the most helpful guy you'll ever meet
- Ronan, the singer, that definitely does not need a microphone in real life
- Francesca, the social networker, unstoppable whatever the circumstances
- Marianne, la République, my dear wife who guides my life
- Yannick, the paperboy, whose brain is quicker that light
- Luc, the dead book-writer, as clever as Yoda, but much more handsome

It was an ambitious project, very challenging to achieve in a few days (there are 44 different photos assembled in the final image, and I shot around 1000 of them to get there), but I am happy of the result, and I hope others will enjoy it too.

Thanks for watching, et Vive la Liberté !


Christophe Kiciak(non-registered)
Thank you so much for your kind words about my image.
I am so glad you loved it! I hope you'll enjoy the print as well.

Kind regards,
Chris Shaw(non-registered)
I saw this picture at the LA show and loved it, so I bought a print of it and am having it framed. My only problem now is finding a place for it on one of my walls. Since I'm an amateur photographer myself, it'll have to replace one of my own pictures.
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