The Sea Shepherd

March 18, 2016  •  1 Comment

I dearly cherish silence. The day starts with some music to wake up. The cats beg for food. Steps resonate on the stairs. The coffee machine noisily grinds some beans. The toothbrush scrapes. The shower throws water. The motorbike roars. The phone keeps ringing. Useless talks, pointless laughs. Spoons, forks, plates. More talks, more laughs. TV shouts, colors shout, cars honk. More noise, many more. And finally, silence. I dearly cherish silence.

I deeply hate silence. If you remain silent while in trouble, there won't be any help. If you remain silent while lying on the street, you will be ignored. If you remain silent instead of sharing your thoughts, you will stay alone. If you remain silent, others will decide for you. If you remain silent while your peers are decimated, you will disappear with them. I deeply hate silence.

Time for bed.


The Sea ShepherdThe Sea Shepherd


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