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Darth Sushi

Darth Sushi

All the photos and editing by me.

Cats always get what they wish for. Mine would virtually never change their minds when they have decided something: going outside, coming back in, sleeping on the bed just next to me, destroying toilet paper, or eat something they shouldn't. I suspect them to use dark powers in that regard, I'm sure they must be Sith Lords in disguise. Don't you agree? "I find your lack of faith disturbing!"

I had good fun creating this image. Once I was set on the idea, I had to find a way to shoot the main character, and there was no way to put a Darth Vader costume on one of my cat ;-) So I asked my wife to pose for me. Needless to say, she loooved it ;-) Of course, I had to tweak the result in post, in order to, well, adjust the shape of the body. From there, we tried to photograph one of my cat, a black and white one... such a mess! The poor thing was really not in the mood, and the results were not usable. So I had to change my plans and use another model: this time things went smoothly, even though it was not black and white. I could have adjusted its color in post, but in fact, I quite liked its original aspect, so I just left it as it was. Finally, I went for some shopping, bought the round little tank, and snapped some fishes that were on sale.

Thanks for watching, much appreciated!